Automatic gate systems

Automatic gate systems


To recommend the ideal gate automatism to, we must have knowledge of the type, size, weight and the location of your gate.
gate types:
Stop: the opening is made by turning around a pivot. The gate needs a free space itself obstacles to open. Ideal for small accesses. The engines are installed behind the leaves and the control box can be a place to choose.

 portao de batente
Running: the opening is made on a rail on the ground through a rack. The gate requires a long and narrow space for the side that is to be opened. Ideal for large hits or uphill. The motor is fixed on the floor behind a pillar
portao de correr

Garage: the opening is made up by a chain or belt within guides. The gate necesita long and narrow ceiling space. Ideal for small accesses. The motor is fixed on the ceiling with a guide.

portao de garagem


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